Registered:Charity No. 1184476


ADAN-UK is a charity registered by the Charity Commission for England and Wales


The Africa Diaspora Academic Network – United Kingdom (ADAN-UK)

Who we are

The Africa Diaspora Academic Network was established in 2009 to enable African academics, as well as other UK academics working on African issues, to harness their capabilities and help solve pressing development and governance needs across the continent.


Our aim is to foster and sustain a community of practice in the United Kingdom dedicated to promoting, debating and advancing practical solutions to Africa’s development and governance challenges through research, learning, training and exchange of infáorámation and ideas.

  • To serve as a hub of expertise on educational, cultural, and socio-political and economic issues
  • To actively engage in and contribute to national and transnational collaborations .
  • To empower and strengthen the visibility and capacity of ADAN-UK members .
  • To engage as equitable partners with key UK based academic institutions, policy makers and development partners .
  • To actively engage with and influence UK’s informal and formal research agenda and activities
  • To identify, develop and share best practice in Africa and globally
What we do

The nature of activities and initiatives include

  • Create an interactive environment for members to communicate, share and access information
  • Facilitate and provide a space for critical debate and discussion of new ideas
  • Produce and disseminate quality research and policy papers
  • Support African educational partners to enhance their scholarly contributions through building their research, teaching and publication capacities
  • Promote strategic partnerships and increase connectivity among academics, policymakers and development partners in the UK and ián Africa
  • Offer advisory services to educational institutions, development partners, and governments here in the UK, and in Africa
Our Plans
  • To harness the Academics’ rich and diverse skills, experience, infrastructure and networks in support of a better Africa.
  • To collaborate and become actively engaged in policymaking discussions, project implementation and development planning to unveil Africa’s potential
  • To help place African countries firmly on the path of sustainable growth and development in the knowledge-based global economic order
  • To actively engage with and influence UK’s informal and formal research agenda and activities