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  Charity No. 1184476

ADAN-UK is now a charity registered by the Charity Commission for England and Wales


ADAN-UK is a charity whose members are accomplished academics in UK Universities. These
members have their roots in Africa. One of the key founding motivations of ADAN-UK is to bring together individuals and organisations to energise and support African students and academics in the UK. Another, crucial motivating intentions of ADAN-UK is to bring together experiences of international organisations, diplomatic missions, government departments, to work with ADAN-UK in addressing issues affecting African youth in Africa.


Given the experience of our members, and their roles in their respective places of deployment,
also having coordinated large projects before, we know that ADAN-UK is in a strong and strategic position to work with the UK Government and its representatives to advance and shape Government policy and priorities towards Africa. ADAN-UK is keen to work with the UK
government to provide unprecedented insights on policy implementation in Africa to create
impact in order for reach progress and change to be experienced.


We are a Charity very grounded in the grassroots issues pervading Further and Higher Education in African institutions. Ours is an intrinsic drive to partner with these institutions, and our UK hosts, to advance and improve capacity of our colleagues and institutions in Africa. Some of our initiatives have involved joint projects that pertain to curriculum review and development, joint supervision of PhD students many of whom are academic staff in African universities, and release of reference books to libraries in some universities in Africa. We partner in raising aspirations and attainment levels both for students and staff.